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  • WHAT IS POPPYCOCK? Poppycock is a dice game jam-packed with all the things you look for in a fun game that you can enjoy with family and friends. New to the scene, this fun and challenging game relies on quick thinking, reading your opponents’ expressions, lots of strategy, and (most importantly) a lot of shouting and laughter. The game is a perfect combination of challenging, strategic planning and good ol’ fashion fun. You’ll want to be yelling “Poppycock!” every family game night.
  • HOW DO YOU PLAY? Poppycock involves 2-6 people. There are no age-specific demographics, so adults and children can play (although it does involve mathematical strategizing.) Each person gets 6 dice, they are rolled, and hidden from other players. The object of the game is for each person to make bids based on what they think their components dice value may be. When you think the player to you right is bluffing, you yell Poppycock! and everyone reveals their “hand.” (Full directions below).
  • LESS SCREEN TIME, MORE FAMILY TIME: We are living in an era in which the value of television and the internet is placed higher than that of family time. There’s nothing wrong with curling up to watch a good movie or tv series, but sometimes we need to turn the gadgets off and get back to a simpler time when we would break out the dice board games and interact more. Poppycock is a great motivator to get the kids laughing and thinking and get you more quality time with your kids.
  • GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO TEACH AND LEARN: First and foremost, Poppycock is a game meant for entertainment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize this time to teach your children. This game can be challenging, requiring a lot of strategizing, thought, and math. This dice set is a great opportunity to teach your children that game night can also be an educational night. They’ll be having so much fun they probably won’t even notice they are playing dice for learning.
  • NOT JUST FOR KIDS: Hey, the kids don’t get to have all the fun! Sometimes, you need to have adult night with all your friends and a great way to entertain guests is with Poppycock. It makes for an entertaining drinking game where you can relax, cut loose, have a few drinks, and laugh your poppycock off with all of your friends. Standing around with drinks in hand, having polite conversation, can get boring. Spice the party up with this friends dice game.

The Rules of Poppycock:

  • Each person is given six dice of the same color.
  • Everyone holds their dice in their hands and shake the dice, then lets them drop but keeps their dice hidden from other opponents.
  • Each player looks at their own dice to see what they have. The dice must not be moved while the round is in progress, but you can check your dice as often as you want.
  • The first person starts the round by making their “bid” (explained below). The next person to the left then makes a bid and this continues as you go around the table until someone calls Poppycock! to the person before them.
  • Poppycock means the person yelling doesn’t believe the person to their right has the value of the number of dice that they claim to have.
  • Once Poppycock! is called, everyone reveals their “hand.” If the number of dice on the table is as many or more than the bidder called, they retain their dice.
  • If the number of dice on the table is below what the bidder called, then that person forfeits 1 die into the center of the table.
  • The next round starts. Everyone shakes their dice and the person who called Poppycock! starts the bid.
  • The rounds are repeated again and again until there is only one person left with any dice. That person is the winner.
  • Bidding: This is calling the number of dice on the table of a particular number up to the dice number “six.” Each person has six dice at the start of the game. That number is multiplied by the number of players. (If there are 3 players, that is 18 total dice. Then it goes 18×2, 18×3, up until you get to 18×6. Also, the number one is “wild.” If 6 people are playing, then 72 “sixes” is the highest possible bid (36 x 6 plus 36 x 1 = 72).
  • All dice on the table are counted excluding those in the centre of the table.
  • Nice game By R Gibson

    My wife and I played the game for an hour and found it to be quick to learn, very engaging, and a nice diversion, especially with a glass of wine. We enjoyed it and will look forward to playing with our friends. It is probably not a child’s game, but would recommend for ages 8 and above.

  • Great learning game By KristenK

    This has been a great game to help both of my nephews with their math skills. My sister was unsure at first but it has proven her wrong.

  • Fun little game! By Robert J. Sherr III

    This game is loads of fun! Very easy to understand and great for ALL family members. Bonus is that it is compact with a great carrying case which makes it very easy to take on travels.

  • Fun game By Kerrie Campbell

    Great family game and fun to play! Product arrived immediately and in perfect condition.

  • Five Stars By Amazon Customer

    Great family game. The entire family has fun playing this game.

  • Five Stars By Heather Hamer


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